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Partners in Allergy!

Believe it or not, there are various factors (including body fluids) that can cause a person to be allergic to his or her partner. It’s a case of knowing the trigger factors, and avoiding them. Full article.....

Chinese Medicine for Allergies

For some of the 50 million allergy sufferers, Chinese medicine may offer an option, researchers say. The National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases reports allergies are the sixth-leading cause of chronic disease in the United States, costing the healthcare system $18 billion annually. Full article.....


NAET© Treatment FAQ’s

Can I just be treated for pollen for my hay fever?

For environmental allergies i.e. seasonal pollens, then we almost always find that there are underlying food / nutrient sensitivies, that need to be addressed first. Just to treat for pollens may work for that season, but the effect is unlikely to be permanent, so the problem would re-occur next year. For more on this see NAET Treatment Process Page.

How many allergens can be addressed each visit?

Initially only one allergen per visit. The early allergens tested for are mostly Mixes and cover an whole group of potential allergens anyway. Once a sufficient number of these are cleared, then some combination treatments, may need to be done. Also, some allergens are treated together. For example, vitamin A can be treated with fish and shellfish. Yogurt, yeast and whey can all be treated together. Salt and chlorides are another combination may be treated together.

Does the patient know what is in the sample vial being tested?

The patient, ideally, does not consciously know what they are being tested for. By them not knowing - this effectively removes the psychological or psychosomatic issue from the testing. Once the patient understands this, the are usually quite happy to be tested without knowing what they are being tested for. This is on the understanding that they will not be unknowingly tested for anything that they are severely allergic to, without clearing all related allergens first and working up to it.

Is this test reliable?

It's quite reasonable to ask - How do I know that the practitioner doesn't push harder, if they think I have a certain allergy? The muscle test system itself has been tested against the use of a dynamometer, which is essentially is an instrument with a dial that indicates grip strength when squeezed. There result was that there was over a 90% consistency between the two types of test. So why don't NAET practitioners all use dynamometers? Well, they are advertised in the NAET literature, but they are certainly not cheap, of course, and the testing & treatments would all take a great deal longer. It also removes the intuitive factor from the testing & treatment procedure. The founders of NAET don't tend to talk about this, as I presume they feel it may jeopardise they're scientific credibility. My personal view is that it is no more or less scientific to consider this. NAET, like applied kinesiology or, indeed any system that uses any form of muscle response testing, without the use of an instrument, such as, a dynamometer is only as good as the practitioner and their ability to test objectively.

How do you know if an allergen has cleared?

Any allergen previously treated for is rechecked at the next appointment. Ideally this should retested within a weeks time, especially after the initial treatments. Frequency of the Treatments? The rate at which you can receive treatments for allergy elimination depends on your current state of health and strength of your immune system. Generally speaking, most people can handle up to three treatments per week if they desire. If your immune system is weak you may be limited to one treatment per week and in the initial stages we tend this, until you have checked clear for the Basic 15 items, after which frequency can be increased as desired. You should discuss that possibility with your practitioner, as everyone is different, but the allergen you were last treated for should be clear, before treating a for the next allergen.

Cost of NAET Consultation & Treatments?

Initial consultation, including first treatment - £48

Further treatments - £34



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