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Allergies and Allergy Related Condtions

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The NAET© Treatment Process

What exactly is NAET?

NAET is a safe and effective technique for detecting and eliminating (desensitising) all types of allergies. NAET combines the use of Muscle Response Testing (an advancement on that used in Applied Kinesiology), Chiropractic and Oriental Medicine to clear allergic reactions through a reprogramming of the brain & central nervous system.
Essentially, NAET keys into the innate wisdom of the body and asks exactly what the problem is and what is the cause. Our brains have a natural built-in subconscious function controlling the immune system, which also has the potential of keeping us healthy. What has been developed is an approach that consciously focuses the brain on an allergen, while encouraging the free flow of energy to clear blockages formerly associated with that allergen. This approach can desensitise the body in order to achieve optimum health.

How does it work?

Research has shown that when major allergies are eliminated and the immune system is strengthened, the body resumes normal healing and homeostasis (physiological balance). The basic idea is that we have cellular memory. Our "allergies" are actually physical manifestations of a memory of being sensitive to something. When we neutralize that memory, per se, we actually clear an "allergy." By stimulating points over the spinal nerves and other specific acupuncture points, in the presence of an allergen, the body & mind are desensitised to the allergen. It sounds confusing, but it's really quite simple. If we are hypersensitive to something it has a detrimental affect on the flow of energy through our system when we come into contact with it. NAET essentially balances the system in the presence of sample of the allergen, so that it no longer reacts in a negative way. It's really as simple as that!
Thereafter, some allergens need to be avoided for up to 25 hours after the treatment for the energy system to go through a complete 24 hr cycle to ensure that the effect of the treatment holds.

How do you know what allergens to test?

Muscle testing tells us which allergens are causing weakness in the persons system. We go through a systematic muscle test procedure to determine what substances or environmental factors need to be treated for. At the outset people are tested for 'The Basic 15' sample items and treated for any that show up. Once these are cleared, we can progress to deeper and deeper levels.

Testing & Treating for the Basics

The basic 15 are mostly groups of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals needed for the normal physical, physiological and emotional function. These nutrients are normally absorbed from the food we eat. When anyone is allergic, sensitive or intolerant to a basic nutrient, they are unable to absorb and assimilate optimum levels of these nutrients. Instead they will only take on board the bare minimum needed for survival and reject the excess if they are able. This is fine as a short term measure in a crisis, but after a period of time this will have a detrimental impact and start to undermine general health. Unless this issue is addressed, then the person's health will continue to deteriorate. This theory would certainly explain why some people benefit from taking appropriate nutritional supplements and others don't or even get worse.
Essential nutrients are so named because they are an absolute necessity for optimum health, normal function, healing, growth and development. If someone is allergic to eggs, milk, fruits, vegetables, or grains, etc., they are can also be allergic to the nutrients contained in them like certain proteins, calcium, vitamin C, some or all simple sugars, B-vitamins, etc. Health is a fine balance between the rate of degenerative break down of the cells of the body and the healing & repair systems, and the immune system to fight infections, external invasion and disease.
When you are checked for all the essential basic foods groups and cleared for all the offending substances, and perhaps some key environmental factors & emotions, (that may be present and sabotage healing), the body can begin to assimilate and utilise the essential nutrients. This will help the immune system. When you have a good immune system, you can easily prevent sudden occurrences of colds, flu's, pains, and various other health problems.

Why address allergens in a particular order?

The 'Basic 15' are always checked first and cleared if necessary and these are done in a particular order. You may feel this procedure to be unnecessary, if say, the only allergy that you are aware of is to a certain type of pollen. But bear in mind that this system has been developed over years of research by Dr Nambudripad and this actually to minimise the number of treatments, maximise effectiveness, so that the effect is permanent (as far as we are able to ascertain). So once the Basic 15 are clear we can prioritise on other issues, like more obvious or severe allergies. By treating the basics first, general health is bolstered, along with the immune system, and is then able to handle the more difficult allergy clearings.

Order of Treatments

The items are ordered on priority of importance to the body. They are mostly combined 'Mixes' of related components, grouped together with the aim of clearing the whole group in one treatment. On occasions, however, if someone is especially sensitive to a particular component of a 'Mix', then they may need to be treated for that individual component. If there are several components that do not clear with the mix alone, then treating with the Mix and BBF (see below) together may be enough to clear them.
Before any external (food, environmental, etc.) allergens are treated for, you must first be treated for a Formula called BBF. This is to address some of the key issues with detrimental internal reactions and prepares the system for the any treatments to follow. It clears the pathways for healing to occur. With the very young, occasionally treating with BBF enough to clear their symptoms.
The First Item, thereafter, in the NAET series is Egg Mix (containing key proteins), because the body depends on these proteins for its health. Egg protein is close to a complete protein that is easily recognised by the body. Even if you do not eat eggs, your body will still recognise egg protein due to the similarities to the human body proteins. Allergy to proteins (eggs) can make you more susceptible to frequent colds, flu-like symptoms, bronchitis, sinusitis, pneumonia, asthma, skin problems, hair problems like poor growth, falling hair, premature greyness, breathing problems, digestive disorders, muscle and joint pains, fatigue and weakness of the muscles, poor blood circulation, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, water retention in the tissues, mental disorders like manic disorders, poor memory, poor concentration, headaches, sleep problems, irritability, hyperactivity and many other infections.

The Second Item is Calcium Mix (including Milk Mix). Calcium is the next most important substance for optimum function. Calcium is particularly important for movement - central nervous system, nerves, muscles, joints, bones. Walking, running, eating, good heart rhythm, etc. All these require a certain level of calcium in the blood. If calcium is not being assimilated properly, then the body is forced to prioritise and as, I'm sure you'll appreciate the logic, in that it will give priority to the central nervous system (including the brain) over, say the bones, that also act as a storage facility for the body's calcium. Typical problems include;- chronic fatigue, general aches, muscular aches, constipation (the colon is unable to relax), hyperactivity, irritability, general inability to relax, insomnia, etc., and in the longer term, possible thinning of the bones & osteoporosis.

The Third Item is Vitamin C & acid Mix. Vitamin C, the best known of al vitamins and antioxidants, is also needed for the growth, development, immune system function, healing & repair of the break down of cells wear and tissues, clearing waste products and toxins from the blood, etc. Many will be less reactive to fruits and vegetables after vitamin C is cleared. The exceptions, will include those that are sensitive to sugars, yeasts & moulds (naturally present on the skins of uncooked fruits, occasionally vegetables and especially dried fruit).

The Fourth Item is B-complex. B-complex contains all the B vitamins, which are necessary for a variety of functions. In addition to treating the B-complex, in some cases it may be necessary to check and treat any individual B vitamins separately, that seem to be a problem. The B vitamins are a key nutrient for the nerves and nervous system. Without the help of the nervous system no processes can occur in the body other than decay. You could say that the very reason that many of us get allergies is due to improper function of the nervous system.

Sugar Mix is the next important item. For the normal absorption and assimilation of B-complex vitamins, sugar is essential. B-complex vitamins travel in the body from one place to another with the help of sugar molecules. Sugar works as the seeing-eye-dog for the B-complex vitamins. If you are allergic to B-complex, you can suffer from malfunctioning of the nervous system. If you are hypersensitive to sugar, the same thing can happen, because B-complex cannot function without sugar. This may present as various nervous disorders, addiction, overeating, alcoholism, smoking, insomnia, fatigue, allergies, hyperactivity, hypersensitivity, etc., and these could be due to allergy to B-complex, sugar or both. Once tested clear for these five main groups you can again eat food from these if you have been avoiding them, and this should start to nourish your system and help you begin to feel better.

Iron, Vitamin A, Mineral mix, Salt mix, and Grain mix are the next five Items in the basic ten series.

These ten items are important in building up the system and maintaining a good immune system. If you have a strong immune system, you can get through the NAET treatments easier.
When immune function is poor some side effects like light headedness, nausea, lack of energy, etc. may be experienced while going through the treatment, or during the 25-hour period after the treatment. Experience has also shown us that patients may get through in one treatment per item if they follow the order of treatments. If you follow the order as given in the list of basic allergens, it is more likely that you will require fewer treatments, since inextricably linked and known physiology and research indicates that this is the optimum order to test & treat. E.g., when you get treated for vitamin A, you will most likely not react to fish or shellfish mix. If treated for fish mix first, then it's likely that you will need treating for fish mix, shellfish mix, vitamin A and beta carotene as separate issues.

The Importance of Addressing Food Allergies First

People with environmental allergies almost certainly have food sensitivity / allergies. Most of the environmental allergens, also have food elements to them. Plants, trees, grass, weeds; etc., contain vitamin C, vitamin A, minerals, vitamin B, etc. Whilst it may be relatively easy for some to stay away these environmental allergens, but staying away from food is another issue. Once any nutritional & food problems are cleared, the body will again be able to absorb and assimilate nutrients required to support the immune and nervous system. With this support & improved function they will be in better state of health and any further treatments needed will be able clear much easier. This is why it is so important to treat any nutritional problems present, before any environmental allergies are addressed. You should get treated for the first ten groups of essential nutrients before treating for environmental allergens.

Testing & Treatment

A sample of the allergen is held in the hand and any negative or weakening effect on the person's system is tested using the Muscle Response Test. This test is repeated to establish if the problem exists on a Physical, Chemical &/or the Cellular/Emotional level. Once these are established we can establish which of the meridians (energy channels/systems) are affected by the allergen. With this information, then the disharmony caused can be clearing by stimulating the appropriate acupuncture points by hand (acupressure), which lie over the spinal nerve roots and on the head. Doing this in the presence of the allergen, thereby harmonises "de-sensitises" it to the system.
By holding the allergen sample vial a certain way in the hand, the patient's sensory nerves in the finger tips focuses the central nervous system on the sample being tested. While most of the testing & treatment is done using our own NAET sample vials, of which we have several hundred to work with and have access to thousands, if we need something unusual/specific. Sometimes, however it is easier for the patient (friend or relative, if very allergic) to bring in a sample themselves of a specific item that they may be reacting to. We can either make a sample to use (and to add to our collection for future use with others) or use the item directly.


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