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Allergies and Allergy Related Condtions

Partners in Allergy!

Believe it or not, there are various factors (including body fluids) that can cause a person to be allergic to his or her partner. It’s a case of knowing the trigger factors, and avoiding them. Full article.....

Chinese Medicine for Allergies

For some of the 50 million allergy sufferers, Chinese medicine may offer an option, researchers say. The National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases reports allergies are the sixth-leading cause of chronic disease in the United States, costing the healthcare system $18 billion annually. Full article.....



This is the NAET site of Andrew Woodhouse, osteopath, western acupuncturist and NAET practitioner with practices in Cheshire, Wirral and Liverpool, Merseyside. As NAET is so little known in the UK and I find myself amongst only a handful of UK NAET practitioners, so I felt that it needed a dedicated web site. is here as a resource to provide information about the NAET approach to helping people with allergies and allergy related problems. All too often we see clients at the Centre that say that they've been told to 'live with it' or 'what do you expect at your age?' Most often, this simply isn't the case. With the right treatment, advice & perhaps some effort on their part many recover & even in the worst cases there's usually some improvement to be gained.

Are Allergies The Hidden Cause Of Your Illness?

Allergies are still one of the best kept secrets of medicine. In the 20th century, our biggest enemy and cause of disease is no longer microbes but our inability to tolerate relatively "new" foods like wheat and diary products. The other hidden enemy is the 70,000 chemicals circulating in our environment to unknown effect.
Asthma, arthritis, eczema, irritable bowel syndrome, lupus, MS, ME, plus mental illnesses like depression have as part or all of their cause substance intolerance.
THE Allergy HANDBOOK - A What Doctors Don't Tell You Publication Edited by Lynne McTaggart

NAET News from Australia

On December 16th (2010) two NAET practitioners in Australia won the court case which had been launched against all NAET practitioners in Australia. Their lawyer presented all the before and after reports we had collected all over the world to the court. They had a female judge and she was very favourable to NAET (probably after viewing all the before and after reports). The ACCC (Australian Consumer and Competition commission) had twelve expert witnesses and two lawyers. Our side had one expert witness and one lawyer. The court agreed that NAET is beneficial to test and treat food sensitivities. The Court told them to test and confirm IgE mediated allergies by lab tests only. They can continue to advertise  NAET treatment for food sensitivities, they don't have to take down or change their websites and they can continue to practice. This new rule applies to all NAET practitioners in AU.
This could have happened anywhere in the world and now we have the first official court judgement that NAET in fact is beneficial to treat food sensitivities!
On top this great news came the acceptance for the NAET autism study to be published next year!

Andrea Schröpel

According to Allergy Magazine

What to try...NAET

A new form of alternative therapy called NAET is proving popular in America and France. We look at what it can offer to allergy sufferers here in the UK words: roz lewis

It doesn't have a very good name. It isn't particularly well known, and it has very few advocates from the medical field to say that it works. However, NAET (Nambudripads Allergy Elimination Techniques) has a growing band of practitioners in the UK - and much larger numbers in the States and on the Continent - who are thrilled with what this alternative therapy can do for allergy sufferers.

What we say!

NAET is a radical new treatment approach to allergies, that has recently emerged from America. It is relatively unknown in the UK, with very few practitioners. Put quiet simply - We believe NAET to be the single most effective treatment for allergies & allergy related problems.

And that's from someone who has suffered a life time of allergies, sensitivities & intolerances. Had I not happened across a Canadian NAET Practitioner, that was practicing locally in Heswall (4 miles from my home town of Neston), then I wouldn't be writing this.
For the first time I'd found a treatment that didn't just help, but was actually addressing the underlying cause of my problems. If this sounds dramatic, then I make no apology. If you or someone you know has reached the point of being 'sick of being sick', tired all the time (TAT), or any of a wide range of chronic conditions, then your probably in the right place.
In short - any condition associated with or the person has accompanying allergies, sensitivities, intolerances or indeed anything that is related to immune system dysfunction could potentially be helped with NAET. That said, it seems that many are completely unaware that certain foods can aggravate their arthritis, migraine or even asthma, when asthma is a classic allergy related problem.

We do not make false promises and if medical intervention is indicated, then we will point you in the right direction. On the other hand if you have a problem & the conventional medical approach has done little to help, then maybe it's time to look at it a different way.


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